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“The Performers”: Educational Theater Company in English visited our school
Last Friday, August 4th, our students and teachers had the privilege of participating in the presentation of three plays by the international theater company, “The Performers.”
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This company presents their plays every year in our country and this year we had the opportunity to have them performing the plays Big Eye, Moriarty, and The Gangsters in our school for students from 2nd grade to 12th grade.


“Big Eye”, the story of a detective who uses scientific formulas to solve cases, was presented to our students from 2nd grade to 5th grade. They enjoyed this colorful and fun play and had the chance to learn about friendship and cooperation while practicing the language.


“Moriarty”, an evil scientist who wants to get rid of his enemy, Sherlock Holmes, was performed to our students from 6th to 9th grade. This play not only helped our students to practice their listening comprehension skill but also made them laugh and learn the importance of love and truthfulness.



Finally, our students from 10th to 12th grades had the chance to review some of the most important literary pieces from Shakespeare, such as King Lear, Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet, together in one play called “The Gangsters” in which a detective tries to solve some mysteries and find a similarity among them.


It was an amazing day, full of art and education and all together with the importance of the use of English in our school.


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Andrea Iturri
Profesora Jefe 4º básico B