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This is the second time, San Nicolás Diácono is participating with High School students in a competition in London!
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You will see in the photos the group who will travel to Europe: Matías García from II A, Diego Plaza II A , Javiera Briones III A, Xavier Varela III B , Catalina Contreras II B, Joaquín González II A, Pablo Donoso III B, Jorge Guzmán II B, and Juan Pablo Lavalle II B,  who is already in England.


All these students have lots of skills rather than English, in order to compete and represent our school in the best way.


THE MASTERS is a unique international English language competition for students who are concursing in high school. This high-profile event is designed and organised by the Oxford International Education Group (OIEG).


The competition involves designing and developing a product which students will then pitch to a panel of industry leaders. The students work together as a team to consider all facets of their projected product, such as target market, product design, company branding, costs, sales and marketing, strategy and global market fluctuations. Throughout the course, students will also take lessons in Business Management to develop their knowledge of the modern business world. They will learn how to lead meetings, make presentations and negotiate contracts.


At the end of the programme, students will have to present their product to the board of Angel Investors, who will decide which one is the winner.


It is an opportunity for students to gain insight into the nature of leading businesses in an ever-changing global market through the use of real-life scenarios and practical workshops. The programme’s main objective is to foster a new generation of young business leaders and entrepreneurs focused not only on the nature of business, but on the connections between business and the wider world. Good luck in this great adventure!


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