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The English Week
San Nicolás Diacono has been celebrating the English Week for 10 years and inside it, we also experienced the 3rd version of the Anglo Fest; how happy we feel sharing and working during these great moments with parents, students and teachers.
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Students know this is the time to show what they know, how much they learn day by day, doing so many activities which motivate them to go beyond.



Pre School

This year with preschool, we had the objective of giving children the opportunity to demonstrate what they know and have learnt in the school year.



It was a great event for the preschoolers: presentations from Monkey, storytelling, dance performance by High School Students and the visit of Norton. We are very proud of what they have achieved. We will keep encouraging them and making them feel excited to continue learning English.



Poetry Event

One of the hardest decisions of our profession is to select the appropriate student who will present the poem in the poetry competition. This task is very difficult if we consider the number of students who are really interested in participating, and some of them have natural and outstanding skills. Unfortunately, the competition is just for 2 contestants.



It’s been a great experience to teach children the poems, but what has been the most amazing aspect of all, was when we saw them performing in the classrooms and in the Poetry Contest itself.



It was difficult to choose the finalists since they were all spectacular. The way they stand in front of the audience demonstrates that our students can grow more in the learning of English and as teachers we are going to keep on trying to take the best of all of them.



Spelling Bee

There are some events in teacher´s life in which we feel that we had accomplished greatest advances in our students, and this makes us proud and special.



Spelling Bee is the perfect one. In this event, students, teachers and parents, had the chance to see the progress in the use of English of the contestants, not only by spelling words correctly, but also by following the rules of this competition.



Seeing students going up to the stage, feeling nervous and trying their best to succeed made this, an event they will never forget and that may be remembered with satisfaction and happiness.


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